Due to high order volumes and unforseen weather, most orders will take an extra 24-48 hours to full fill and process.

That’s the Point has the sharpest piercing needles in the industry! Period. Just ask our awesome customers!


We know you need the best. That’s why our medical grade needles are tri-beveled and lightly Teflon coated.  No tissue drag, no problems.

How do we know?  Our combined 18+ years of experience as professional body piercers have helped us pinpoint the best products out there.

Not convinced yet? Call us for a free sample and try our product out. Our sample packs include 3 needles of each size we carry (20,18,16,15,14,13,12,10, 8,6 and 4 gauge) 33 needles in total. AND they are completely FREE! Same as when you order, the sample pack will go out next day with 2 day shipping! (International samples must pay shipping)


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